Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get Axelrod on the phone.

Initially, I was thinking Jim Webb would be a solid choice for Veep. That is, if Hill declines the inevitable push from the party to take it.

But the homie No Joke figured out exactly how to get over that damn Appalachian hump.

from no joke jones

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Had To


Seeing as how every tv spot or print ad for an auto dealership blows hard, at least where I live,I have to give it up to Johnson Automotive Group in NC.

Funny stuff.

Lé 3D

A co-worker (and official homie) shot me a link to this 3D artist.

And since I like robots and space and sh*t like that, I thought it was cool and thought I'd pass it along.

(it's in french, so I just looked at the pictures.)

A Wall Painted Animation

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Because I want to

Wisdom from our elders

I've been trained since I was a youngin' to speak to my elders. Usually, I acknowledge the folks around the building and neighborhood with a friendly, "How you doin' today?"

There's a sista on the cleaning staff that I've seen everyday since I've been here. And everyday, I nod my head and offer a simple, "How you doin' today?"

"Just fine young man," she usually responds.

I usually see her in the lobby, every morning reading the newspaper.

Last week, we walked pass each other on my floor and she stopped me.

"You work on this floor?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am."

Then she whispered, "You the first black person I've ever seen on this floor!"

A couple days later, I passed her in into the lobby while she was reading the paper, as usual. And she called me over.

"Are you the only black person that works there?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied.

"Are they racist?"

"Well they hired me," I replied.

"Umm-hmm," she replied, adding, "I don't know if I can work someplace like that. I like it when it's mixed up with everybody, ya know."

I do too.


The best desk ever.

I want one yesterday.

Saw it here.

Now if I can find some help in lighting.

Rarely does a piece of web video cross my path that delivers such a range of emotions. Confusion to disgust to kind of cool back to confusion, ending with a resounding horrible.

Touch The Sky

One of the things that's been really fascinating to me over the past few months is the boom in supertall skyscraper construction and design in Dubai (I suppose the rest of the world too).

Working in a city with this paltry ass, unbalanced skyline (as well as mildly retarded approach to urban planning) has me longing for a trip to Dubai.

I was just reminded of a family trip to Chicago when I was a pre-teen. As we approached Cleveland on our return, and saw the Cleveland skyline creeping over the horizon, my step-father and I spontaneously started booing.

Some pretty cool stuff to look @:

Skyscraper City
Dubai Waterfront
Skyscraper Page
Burj Dubai

For Pop

I caught this a while ago at AdRants and forgot to post it.

Great Work.

Just Funny

Kids are stupid.

It Works Every Time!

Sweet Plug-In

I've been having fun with this Firefox plug-in at work (and home).

As you can see, I've entered my surrogate father, Billy Dee Williams', name into a YouTube search. It kicks out the results in an active 3D format, for selecting and viewing.

Awesome. Get It Now.

Ain't That Some Shit?!?

Why yes, two white women is having it all.

Well, on second thought... three would be much better.

Go Rilla

I spotted this @ CrooksandLiars.

Did whatsisname get that to you?

I've spent the past 2 months trying to get my coworkers to say "deez nuts," regularly.

My plans have worked.

Now I can get back to blogging.