Monday, December 24, 2007

NFL SuperAd

This is all kinds of awesome.

I have no additional commentary on how sweet this is.

Let me add a work related aside to this post, however.

Please don't ever bitch to me about how much money professional athletes make and expect me to co-sign you.

This happens fairly often in mixed company.

Don't get me wrong, athletes, in many cases, do make obscene amounts of money. But I have never - ever, ever, ever - in my life heard, "That Tom Cruise sure make too much money." Or, "Katie Couric is way overpaid." (And she is by the way.)

The only times I hear people whine about how much money ANYBODY public figure makes, is when it's a BLACK (and in the case of baseball, Latin) ATHLETE.


I just had a thought. Maybe they complain to me because they think I can do something about it? Hmmm.

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