Monday, February 4, 2008

Taking The Browns To The Super Bowl.*

Okeedokee, here it is:

The Official FranklinBlog Taking The Browns To The Super Bowl Top Five Spots.

#5 I took a lot of heat from my collegues for liking this. The truth is, this got the loudest laugh of the night.

AMP Energy Drink

#4 I typically hate the use of babies, but the writing is clever and the message is simple. (So easy Franklin could do it as soon as he pays some of these damn bills down) I dug it.


#3 This is just f*ckin' cool. And my boy Charlie is in it!


#2 I thought this spot was the most rooted in truth and tangible benefit, as well as clever. (This was the office favorite also.)


#1 Shattering white people's stereotypes about the black athlete one ad at a time. (Not that they'll ever change, of course.)

The NFL "SuperAd"

Stark isn't it?

* Thanks to my Carolina cousins for, quite possibly, the best euphemism for droppin' deuce ever.

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