Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Franklin had a hectic summer...

Franklin almost got his ass fired.
Franklin has been doin' a lot of stuff for other people, while neglecting his own shat.
Franklin is tired of family drama.
Franklin needs to make more ads.
Franklin can't decide what's worse. Committees or focus groups.
Franklin wants to vomit every time he sees a Liberty Mutual Crash rip-off TV spot.
Franklin learned how seriously white people take slow pitch softball.
Franklin only watched two movies this summer.
Franklin really hates revisions.
Franklin loves swag.
Franklin was reminded how helpful golf is professionally.
Franklin spent a good month not giving a shat about shat.
Franklin has overdosed on politics.
Franklin was seriously tempted to pull ye olde race card, but chose otherwise.
Franklin learned that ideas are not as important as PowerPoints.

And most importantly...

Franklin is still the black guy in the office.

Sorry for the absence.

4 comments: said...

My bad good brother. I didn't mean to take up your time with my B.S. But who else could I have turned too? Sorry man, not my fault you're good @ what you do. "Shit negro, thats all you had to say".

Franklin said...

Believe it or not homie, that wasn't directed at Nappyhead Ent.

- Spark

shaun. said...

glad your back.

Franklin said...