Friday, February 13, 2009


i got laid off. Sweet start to 2009.


Jazmin said... about it.

me too. 2009 is not a good year. lets start an agency.

shaun. said...
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HighJive said...

Hang in, dude. It's a tough time for sure. But the good ones make it through. You will make it.

Graham said...

Really sorry to hear it, man.

My agency cut another 15 the other week.

POH said...

I just got here from kissmyblackads and I'm sorry for your job loss.

I love the concept of this blog. Most of my life I was Franklin until senior year in high school. Back before rap music was cool for White kids, and it wasn't taboo to hang around us.

I gotta laugh and give you props for the "kinfolk" the only "black" in a sea of white, especially Token. No one ever does a story on you. You should add Forest Whittaker from Fast Times at Ridgemont high

Craig Brimm said...

You know I'm trying to stay positive and upbeat in this economy. But to hear this really pisses me off! We are pulling for you. I'm sending crazy positive energy and compounded prayers your way. We are making it through this, right now everyday we wake up and push on we are making it through. I'm with you 100%.

mizj920 said...

Was just checking in and saw the updated banner. That sucks, and you didn't deserve it. I'm rooting for you, and hope you find something better soon.

april said...

I went to the Adcenter ('01) and couldn't find a job then... now I'm a technical writer and, though I hate to mention it in your time of chaos, I'm so glad I'm not in advertising right now. Several of my friends in the "industry" are without work and praying to the freelance fairy.

You'll find something. I promise. And hopefully, you won't be the only black dude in the office at your new place.

kiss my black ads said...

yo can I get an email or something?
I will come here everyday and leave a comment if I have to.
I'll go on a hunger strike!
Where you at???
craig [@]