Thursday, June 26, 2008

Creative Class for Obama

Sitting around with my art director buddy today, I came across these at Upper Playground

Date Farmers

Mear One

Alex Pardee

Morning Breath

Yea, they're probably old, but they're new to me.


Graham said...

Hey man,

Just wondering what, if anything, you have to say on the New Yorker cover.

Franklin said...

Considering the source being the New Yorker, I saw it as it was intended (or as I believed it to be intended), a illustrative satire on the right's smearing of Obama.

I haven't read the New Yorker in a while, but I'd always seen it as a left leaning pub whose audience was left leaning folks.

That said, whenever satire and race collide, bad things happen.

I remember when Spike Lee released Bambozled, he started the film with a dictionary definition of satire.

I wasn't offended by it. My pops was furious over it. Talkin' about boycotting a magazine he's never read furious. And I totally understand why.

Hope that answers your q.

Thanks for the comment.