Monday, October 15, 2007

As I Pose, In A Mackadocious Stance...

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Generally, offices in the advertising industry are very casual. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to work in this field. I’m just not a shirt and tie kind of dude. I like the fact I can step off the elevator with a half-wrinkled 3 for $20 polo, blue jeans and squeeky clean white Nikes and it’s cool.

One of the other pleasures of the office is that I can play music without having to wear headphones. There are a few folks in the office like their music loud. So I get heavy doses of Sabbath, Enya, and obscure Indy rock. And that’s cool.

I play a little bit of everything, myself.

Being a hip-hop head poses a problem though.

No Nas, no Jeezy. (Yes, Jeezy.) Shit, I can’t even play Common or Mos. (That shit ain’t as wholesome as you may think.)

Allow me to digress a moment. You ever notice whenever they have the, “Hip-Hop is destroying America,” segments on tv, people always cite the same three artists as examples of positive hip-hop? Common, Mos & Kweli. Every damn time!

Anyway, I’ve found that listening to hip-hop at work is like listening to hip-hop with your mom in the car. Every now and then I get a little bold and think to myself, “Self, you know you wanna listen to the Clipse. Play Trill!!!”

And that lasts for about 20 seconds.

"Yea dude. 'Bitch, I'm trill, bitch, I'm so trill,' is not exactly the move you wanna make," Self says.

Thank god my golden age collection is so deep.

I can live with myself for blastin’ ‘Ain’t No Half Steppin’ from my cube.

Because, “…and when my pen hits the paper… AWW SHIT!” goes over a lot better than (fill in the lyrics from any song on any album made after Straight Outta Compton.)

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