Sunday, October 7, 2007

Poker? I don't even know her.

In my quest to fully assimilate into the corporate world, I’ve reacquainted myself with an old hobby and taken up another.

For the past three months, I’ve been driving around with my golf clubs in the trunk. Several years ago, I was really heavy into golf. I shelled out a decent amount of doe for clubs, got some silly ass shoes and played two to three times a week. About the time I returned to school to finish my degree, I started loosing interest. For one, golf can get pretty expensive, especially if you don’t want to play crap courses. Secondly, all of my old golfing buddies and family weren’t around anymore. So my clubs had been sitting in the spare bedroom, chillin’ in a b-boy stance. But ever since I started this gig, I’ve found that golf is as important to business as smokin’ weed and Madden is to layabouts.

I’ve also taken up Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. And I must say, I’ve been missing the boat on this one. It’s a fun game. Prior to Poker, I had two games. Spades and Tonk. During my first stint in college, Spades took the place of going to class and studying and Tonk paid for my meals when my food card ran out.

Last week I had a couple of games after work with coworkers. The first one was for fun. The second was for loot. My lesson for the week: trying to be one of the guys cost 10 bucks.

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